Dolores Park needs more than a cleanup 

How is it that your March 1 article “New look for Dolores Park” doesn’t mention safety as part of the $11.7 million to be spent soon in Dolores Park renovations?

I hope that’s a significant element in the plan. As far as I‘m concerned, you can reduce trampled plants, pick up litter, install a new irrigation system, refurbish tennis courts and more — but I won’t go there if I don’t feel safe.

I don’t even walk up into my own neighborhood’s Glen Canyon Park since I haven’t felt safe there for more than five years. Crime continues around and about Dolores Park, and there just aren’t enough patrol officers visible to assuage my concerns, especially late in the afternoon and early evening.

It’s sad if the Recreation and Park Commission doesn’t spend a bit of that taxpayer money to contract out and improve security by hiring the available, valued and proactive neighborhood private police, the Patrol Specials, who so admirably supplement our beleaguered police department in the Castro, Mission and Noe Valley.

Ann Grogan, San Francisco

Cabs left passenger in cold

The other day I was leaving my apartment on the corner of Post and Jones streets. It was about 5 a.m. and it was raining very hard. I tried to wave down a taxi, but he continued past me. I saw another and waved at that one. It also passed me.

The “available” light was lit on every cab that passed by. In total, seven taxis passed me by. One even passed me by and I saw it stop farther down and pick up a person with a suitcase. I guess the taxis would prefer to pick up airport runs instead of local runs.

Peter Torp, San Francisco

Cheering fine S.F. teams

Since I am as likely as most to complain when unhappy with sports stars, I hope all San Francisco fans will give a rousing “thanks!” and a hearty “great job!” to all the players and coaches of the 49ers and Giants.

No matter what has happened these past two seasons, they all gave their absolute best for the sake of their fine teams, never ceasing in their efforts to become champions. The Giants became World Series champions, and the Niners NFL Western Division champions, nearly reaching the Super Bowl.

I have rarely seen two sports teams whose players worked so well together, and refused to give up no matter the adversity, and that exemplified the qualities of sportsmanship and dedication. San Francisco should be grateful for having these fine players and teams to root for.

Hail to our hometown heroes!

Tim Brace, San Francisco

North Korea may be lying

The U.S. State Department must be very gullible in dealing with the North Koreans (“Jong Un agrees to nuclear moratorium, checks,”  March 1).

In the past, the North Koreans have agreed to this nuclear moratorium many times and been rewarded with large quantities of food and fuel oil. Yet each time they have reneged on their agreement. Additionally, the provisions were doled out to the North Korean elites and not to the needy masses. Kim Jong Un is, like his father the late Kim Jong Il, a terrorist and not to be trusted.

American diplomats have probably not heard of this age old idiom: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me, twice shame on me.”

Robert A. Jung, San Francisco

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