Dog park on its way to base of Bay Bridge 

Marty Coressel, the director for platform services at Charles Schwab and Rincon Hill resident recently led the efforts to get a dog park established at the base of the Bay Bridge. The park, located at Bryant and Beale streets, will have its groundbreaking ceremony today at 1:30 p.m.

How did the creation of this new dog park come about? As part of the Bay Bridge construction work, Caltrans had a leftover parcel of land that they were considering reverting back into a parking lot. At a community meeting to discuss the parcel, a fellow resident and I formed a subcommittee to gather feedback on possibilities for the land. No one wanted another piece of pavement in the neighborhood.

Why a dog park? In some buildings in the neighborhood, upwards of 30 percent of residents have dogs. Right now, there is literally no place to walk or play with your dog in Rincon Hill other than the sidewalk.

What does the new park mean to the community? We don’t have any open space areas in the neighborhood, so there is no place where the residents can congregate and form a better sense of community. Because so many people have dogs here, and there is an open plaza at the new park, neighbors can actually come out and meet who they’re living with.

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