Dodd-Frank bill would bring back hiring quotas 


While I do not support removing bargaining power for unions, member dues should not be used primarily to advance the liberal Democratic agenda. Let us stop pretending. The AFL-CIO and teachers unions have joined forces with California progressives in moving America to the left on social-policy issues.

Case in point: The Dodd-Frank hidden quotas bill would effectively overturn Proposition 209 by establishing 20 offices to implement federal hiring ratios (quotas) for minorities and women, as well as with federal contractors and subcontractors.

Such quotas constitute discrimination by the state and have no place in a constitutional democracy.

Philip Melnick
San Francisco

Tax-hike support exists

The San Francisco Examiner’s Sunday editorial stated, “Voters are rebelling against public employee union demands that these inordinate benefits be preserved by raising taxes, again, on the productive people in the economy.” But according to a recent NBC poll, 81 percent of Americans support raising taxes on millionaires and 68 percent favor rescinding the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000.

Since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his ilk claim that this is about “tackling the deficit,” then surely raising some revenue from the “productive people” is a good strategy, especially given that most people want that.  
Brian McCall
San Francisco

Sell Caltrain, lose tracks

The worst scenario for Caltrain would be bankruptcy, with the whole 77 miles of track put up for sale.

The land would go to a wealthy American or foreign buyer. The tracks would be torn up and a string of buildings — alternating one big-box store, one big parking structure, another big-box store, another big parking structure — would occupy 77 long miles of prime land from Fourth and Townsend streets in The City all the way to Gilroy. No more trains at all.
A. Frayne
Palo Alto

Value of production

It is pretty clear that Democrats have little interest in upsetting an apple cart that provides them with votes, money and manpower at election time. It’s also clear that these same politicians demagogue their “commitment to the poor and to the little guy.”

Material quality of life depends on the productive having incentive to produce. Mess this up, like they do in Third World countries, and the pie shrinks while the connected push others aside for the spoils. This is neither sustainable nor good government.
Paul Burton
San Francisco

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