Do you know how many times Chuck Schumer voted against raising the national debt ceiling? 

If you answered "four times" to the question posed in the headline above, you are either spending way too much time in the Congressional Record, or you have superb research and recall skills! Let's just assume it's the latter.

Anyway, the right answer is indeed four times, at least. For the record, here's the four occasions, as documented by congressional records

H.R. 2015, Roll Call Vote #241: Passed 270-162, 6/25/97, Schumer Voted Nay

· H.J. Res. 51, Roll Call Vote #202: Passed 53-44, 5/23/03, Schumer Voted Nay

· S. 2986, Roll Call Vote #213: Passed 52-44, 11/17/04, Schumer Voted Nay

· H.J. Res. 47, Roll Call Vote #54: Passed 52-48, 3/16/06, Schumer Voted Nay

About which, Michael Steel, a key aide to House Speaker John Boehner observes:

“Sen. Schumer’s voting record is like a dagger aimed at the heart of his own credibility. It is clear that the American people will not tolerate a ‘blank check’ hike in the debt limit unless we deal with the real issue: out-of-control Washington spending. We’re listening to the American people, but the Democrats who run Washington, led by Sen. Schumer, are not.”

Expect to hear that Steel quote and the data concerning Shumer's votingh record on raising the debt limit repeated more often in the weeks ahead, as the debate on the budget, spending cuts and the debt ceiling heats up.

By the way, if you haven't yet red Boehner's address to the Economic Club of New York, you should and you can here.


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