Digital Breakdown: No Adrian 

Adrian is dead, but cheesesteak-eating boozehound Paulie is still alive and kicking? Where’s the logic in that? Regardless, "Rocky Balboa" is the last chance for Sylvester Stallone to milk the "Rocky" franchise until someone decides to make a "Rocky" prequel of his younger years starring the dude who looks exactly like him from "Survivor: Fiji."

The film takes a smart approach and portrays the 60-year-old Stallone as just that — a washed-up champ. In the end, "Rocky Balboa" is surprisingly decent and a nice send-off for the character. The DVD includes an alternate ending, audio commentary from Stallone, boxing bloopers and three good featurettes. Price: $28.95. Rent or buy: A good rental.


"Re-Animator" is the classic horror comedy that proved disembodied heads don’t have to be scary, they can be hilarious. This limited-edition re-release includes a collectible syringe-shaped highlighter (green, of course), a new digitally remastered transfer of the film and new special features. Among them are a 70-minute documentary on the film and its place in horror history, a new music featurette, new production stills, new promo materials as well as the classic extras on the other editions. Price: $24.98. Rent or buy: Buy!


Forget the movie with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. Pick up the original "Vice" with great ’80s music, Philip Michael whoever and classic Don Johnson outfits. The best part about these two DVD sets is that David Caruso isn’t around to ruin them with snarky one-liners. Price: $59.98, each season. Rent or buy: Buy.

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