Digital Breakdown: ‘Marie’ shines, not too ‘Grosse’ 

The best part about "Marie Antoinette" is the way it looks — the way the food is presented, the interesting camera angles and the beautiful costumes and sets. Sofia Coppola’s film also depicts the young royal’s dilemma from an early age, how she is forced to be with a man and his lifestyle that aren’t her choice. Kirsten Dunst is excellent in the title role in this above-average period piece that has modern splash, thanks to the contemporary soundtrack. Jason Schwartzman, too, is good as the smarmy Louis XVI whom viewers will love to hate.

Unfortunately, the DVD does not include anything more than two lame featurettes and some deleted scenes. Hold out until a re-release of a special edition, which might happen as soon as later this year. Price: $28.95. Rent or buy: A good rental.


Much like the brilliant but also canceled Fox series "Action," "Grosse Pointe" was a behind-the-scenes comedy forced off the air before its time. (Fox is the king of canceling series too soon, or developing great shows, only to have them end up in purgatory due to audience apathy.) "Grosse Pointe" looked at a teen soap opera from the perspective of the crew and the actors, who hate both themselves and their fellow actors. The DVD includes commentaries on some episodes. Price: $29.95. Rent or buy: A good rental.


The "Masters of Horror" collection is the modern-day "Tales From the Crypt," maybe even better. Name any horror director — he’s probably part of this awesome collection of hourlong episodes that are often brutal, often hilarious, always entertaining.

"Pelts" is the story from Italian horror master Dario Argento. It’s about a nasty group of raccoons that are killed and made into a fur coat. There’s only one problem: Those who come into contact with it are driven to kill others, kill themselves or do dastardly harm to themselves. The DVD includes an audio commentary, two featurettes on the making of the episode and more. Price:$14.98. Rent or Buy: Buy.


It is hard to know what parts of the "The Hills" are scripted and what parts are real. Much like "Laguna Beach," its inspiration, parts of "The Hills" are so blatantly fake and scripted, it’s hard to believe its creators get away with calling it reality television. That said, the show is nowhere near as scripted as "Laguna." People actually have to "work" rather than just run around getting drunk and flirting all day. Price: $38.99. Rent or buy: Rent.


One of the greatest urban warfare crime trilogies of all time is here in one great set. It includes all three films from the "Infernal Affairs" series, all offered in collector’s editions with bonus materials. The box has behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes and more. If you enjoyed "Police Story" or any cool Asian gangs vs. police stories, this is a must-buy. Price: $39.99. Rent or Buy: Buy.

Other DVDs out Tuesday: "Hustle: Complete Season 2," "Mr. Moto Collection Volume Two," "The Quiet," "Gandhi: 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition," "All in the Family: The Complete Sixth Season," "Devil’s Den," "Android Apocalypse," "The Butcher Boy," "Performance," "Tom Hanks: Comedy Favorites Collection" and "Zoom: Academy for Superheroes."

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