Digital Breakdown: It’s time to see the ‘Doctor’ again 

The second season of the BBC’s No. 1 show makes its way to DVD and a prequel no one needed are among this week’s upcoming DVD releases.


At the end of the first season of the rebirth of the BBC’s "Doctor Who," Christopher Eccleston exited the show and The Doctor regenerated into David Tennant, who might be familiar to Harry Potter fans; he had a small part in "The Prisoner of Azkaban." How would the show be with such a major change after one season? Pretty darned good.

Tennant is completely different from Eccleston. He brings a humorous, fun-loving attitude to the character; Rose’s (Billie Piper) reaction is brilliant during some of the second season’s early episodes. The second season focuses on the dreaded Cybermen more than any other antagonist in the "Doctor Who" universe. It’s a nice change of pace from the Dalek-heavy first season of the show (although they do make an appearance).

As with the first-season DVD, the second season has some great special features, including an audio commentary for each of the 15 episodes. There also are interviews with the cast, production diaries from Tennant, outtakes, deleted scenes and a couple of interesting featurettes on the making of the show. Price: $99.98. Rent or buy: Buy!


Do we need to know why birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Do we need to know why automobiles move forward when you hit the accelerator? Do we need to know why Leatherface kills and then summarily eats his prey? Apparently, those in Hollywood feel we do, so we have "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — The Beginning." Instead of something cleverly written about the origins of the nasty Hewitt family, we get a lame step-by-step tutorial on why these people are such bad folks — hint, they are just born evil. As for Leatherface, he’s a poor soul who fell in with the wrong crowd. Seriously, this is the best Hollywood has to offer? This unrated DVD offers extra footage not shown in theaters (read: more blood and gore, not story line, unfortunately). Price: $28.98. Rent or buy: Rent — if that.


It isn’t something you’ll want to check out if you want a light-hearted, comedic romp. But if you’re looking for great drama, check out this interesting British show, which weaves together stories about people who live on the same street and are inexplicably intertwined. Starring Jim Broadbent, Jane Horrocks, Sue Johnston and Timothy Spall, the powerful drama deals with friendships, marriages, family and all the emotions that go along. Price: $29.98. Rent or buy: Buy.


If Patton Oswald wasn’t on this show, it would be worthless. However, because he is on the show, and because what he does and says isn’t always limited, "The King of Queens" is actually a half-decent sitcom. Now that the show is returning mid-season, here’s your chance to check out the 22 episodes from the seventh season in one fell swoop. This box isn’t worth owning, but it’s worthwhile to check out, just to see Oswald do his thing. Price: $39.95. Rent or buy: Rent.

Other DVDs coming out Tuesday: "Gridiron Gang," "The Protector," "My Hero: Season 1," "Space Academy: The Complete Series," "Shana, Vol. 3," "Gun Sword 5 — Tainted Innocence," "Cannibal Campout" and "Woodchipper Massacre."

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