Digital Breakdown: Good times at the ‘Museum’ 

Shockingly,"Night at the Museum" isn’t just a lame Ben Stiller flick or a family film that kids will enjoy while their parents are bored to tears. Stiller stars as Larry, a guy who becomes a night guard at New York’s Museum of Natural History. He quickly realizes the museum isn’t an ordinary collection of bones and historical facts, but that it’s a supernatural place where the exhibits come to life after sundown.

Featuring Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke and many more, the cast is nice, and the story stays interesting, despite the fact that viewers more or less know how it ends about when the opening credits role. The DVD includes eight featurettes, an alternate opening, deleted scenes and games for your computer.

Price: $34.98.

Rent or buy: Buy, if you have kids.


This set is very cool. It’s about time Warner Home Video has started packaging its classic remastered films together in a handy volume for all to enjoy. The five collections include: "Classic Romances," "Classic Family Films," "Classic Dramas," "Classic Musicals" and "Classic American Musicals."

Each set has three films, all showcasing latest in digital technology. The picture quality is great. Every movie is accompanied by at least one extra, a commentary or featurette.

Price: $30.97 each collection.

Rent or buy: Buy


This awesome series originally aired on the BBC, and was later picked up by the Discovery Channel. All 11 episodes are presented in gorgeous digital on five discs. The footage is amazing; different camera angles and vantage points from helicopters capture the wonder of nature and the wonder of our planet.

The set also includes athree-part documentary that looks at the future of the planet, and how animals and humans may be endangered species.

Price: $79.98.

Rent or buy: Buy.


One of the most requested DVDs ever has been "WKRP in Cincinnati," the classic TV sitcom set in a radio station that changes formats on the arrival of a new program director.

While it’s good that the series finally made it to DVD, it’s bad that the show is a shell of its former self because it’s been cut to shreds due to music copyrights. When you have a show about the radio industry, and can’t play the songs originally in the show, there is a problem; cutting the affected scenes from the show entirely makes the situation even worse.

 This is a terrible DVD release of a great show and a tremendous disappointment to fans.

Price: $39.98.

Rent or buy: Rent — if that.


This DVD represents James Cameron’s attempt to bask in the spotlight — for once —with something that doesn’t involve "Titanic."

 "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" attempts to find the place where the son of God was buried and create as much of an uproar as humanly possible. If you didn’t catch this feature on the Discovery Channel, you may want to check out this director’s cut DVD, which includes added scenes not in the original broadcast as well as a featurette with Cameron on the tomb.

It’s interesting enough, but not something you’ll want to own.

Price: $24.98.

Rent or buy: Rent.

Also out on DVD Tuesday: "Drew CareyShow — The Complete First Season," "Jane Eyre," "One Day at a Time — The Complete First Season," "Déja Vu," "Until Death," "The Last Supper," "Born to Fight" and "Ironside: Season One."

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