Did the UN’s climate change panel get anything right? 

Uh oh. Another “scientific” global warming claim – one publicly defended by Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change himself - has been debunked.

The IPCC’s widely cited 2007 report predicted that African crop yields would plummet 50 percent by 2020 due to global warming unless industrialized nations immediately adopted economy-strangling carbon restrictions like those conveniently proffered at the December climate change summit in Copenhagen. In other words, just a decade from now millions of Africans would starve unless greedy First Worlders agreed to give up their lavish, energy-intensive lifestyles.

But this prediction – just like the same report’s bogus claim that Himalayan glaciers were in danger of melting away by 2035 and throwing a lot of Sherpas out of work – is a crock.


Dr. Martin Parry, a British agricultural expert who co-chaired the U.N. group, issued two reports that came to the opposite conclusion; namely, that any changes in African crop yields over the next ten years would be insignificant. Parry’s worst case global warming scenario for Africa: a less than 30 percent crop decrease by 2080 – 70 years from now.

Dr. Pachauri actually edited part of the 2007 IPCC report, which has often been cited by global warming alarmists as the don’t-argue-with-us-the-science-is-already-settled last word on the subject. But instead of using Dr. Parry’s peer-reviewed analysis, the IPPC cited a deeply flawed report written by a Moroccan academic for a Canadian advocacy group that had already been refuted by three North African governments, the UK Telegraph reports.


Algeria, in particular, concluded that its agricultural output would more than double by 2020 under current climate projections.

Yet as late as last week, Dr. Pachauri – whose Delhi-based think tank raked in almost a million dollars from the IPCC and who reportedly was poised to make millions more from his links to carbon trading companies – was still denying that the panel’s work was fatally flawed, claiming that “we are absolutely certain that what we have said…can be substantiated.”

The only thing that Dr. Pachauri or anybody else can be absolutely certain of now is which shelf to file the IPCC report: under Science Fiction.

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