Did Massachusetts Democrats outsmart themselves on Kennedy Senate seat? 

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air takes a spin in the Way Back machine and returns to remind us that it was Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA, who in 2004 pushed the law that required his state to hold a special election to replace him when he passed to his eternal reward.

Then, the purpose was to prevent Mitt Romey, who was then the Republican governor of the state, from appointing a Republican successor to serve the the balance of the term. Once Romney was out of the way, though, the Kennedy machine decided a few weeks before their scion died to get the law changed yet again so Democratic Gov Deval Patrick could appoint a temporary senator to hold the seat for the Democrats until a special election could be held.

Morrissey makes some very interesting points about what happened next and why it is now looking like the Bay State's Democrats got one step ahead of themselves on the Kennedy succession. The result could well be Republican Scott Brown winning Tuesday's special election on a platform that includes his pledge to vote against Obamacare, thus depriving Democats in Congress of their 60-vote Senate majority.

Go here for the whole Morrissey post.

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