Details behind Mark Jackson firing don’t really matter 

click to enlarge When it came to picking a side between Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob and coach Mark Jackson, above, there were two distinct camps that didn’t have much middle ground. - MARCIO JOSE SANCHEZ/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
  • Marcio Jose Sanchez/The Associated Press
  • When it came to picking a side between Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob and coach Mark Jackson, above, there were two distinct camps that didn’t have much middle ground.

We're never going to know exactly what prompted the Warriors to ditch their most successful coach since well before the most recent ownership and front-office overhaul, and if that either puzzles you or bums you out, let the following truth be of some solace:

Even if someone intimate to the situation were to come out and offer to shine a light on it all, it wouldn't be worth a damn thing. That person's perspective couldn't possibly be offered with an ounce of objectivity. The very nature of the situation demanded of everyone involved to pick a side, and such stark polarization automatically renders any presented version of the surrounding events far too colored to consider as fact.

And let's face it: Everyone in an observational role -- i.e., fans and media -- has already chosen a side, too. If Twitter, Facebook and sports-talk radio callers represent anything close to an accurate gauge, the majority of fans are on Mark Jackson's side, befuddled and bitter with the firing. And why not? Fans, for the most part, care only about winning and entertainment. Jackson, in short order, established not just an expectation but delivery of both. Only Don Nelson 1.0 did that, with the giddy Run-TMC crews.

Tough for hardcore Dubs fans to side with anything Joe Lacob as it is, what with the pending new arena-alienation mess and even the Monta Ellis-for-Glass Bogut trade still profoundly painful wounds unhealed.

As for the media, there appear to be more pro-Jackson folk out there than pro-Warriors. If you're pro-Warriors on this one, you are in essence pro-Lacob, and if you squint and look real close, the only pro-Lacobs out there are the types who exchange suction for access to those elite little scrums in which Lacob tries but fails to channel the charming Peter Guber but still gets the geeks to laugh at lame jokes and earnestly nod in agreement to whatever flawed logic pony gets trotted out.

If Lacob didn't have the immensely likable Bob Myers on his side, this one would be a blowout. Unlike Lacob, Myers doesn't strike one as a money- and power-grubbing narcissist, so when he asks for the trust of the fans, it at least gives them pause.

Then the pause passes, and the fans say, "Wait. They just had the third-best season in franchise history and pushed a better, healthier, hugely favored team to seven games in the playoffs. And they fired the coach? Eff Joe Lacob!"

Details? Who needs 'em? Nobody on one side is ever going to get anyone on the other side to hop the fence. We know all we need to know, anyway. It's as clear as it was when, in a situation remarkably analogous to this one, the A's fired Ken Macha after the 2006 American League Championship Series.

The A's hadn't been as far as Macha took them since the Bash Brothers era, but he got the boot anyway because he had the audacity and scrotal integrity to stand up for himself, to refuse to capitulate at every turn. He was a pain in Billy Beane's ass, basically, and Beane and his guys decided winning wasn't enough. They wanted winning without rancor.

So, we now see, do the Dubs. Jackson was a pain in Lacob's ass. There was plenty of winning, but not without rancor, so Jax got the ax.

The A's replaced Macha with Bob Geren. We don't yet know who'll replace Jackson, but if the results are Geren-esque, those boos Lacob heard in the wake of the Ellis trade will seem like child's play.

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