Designated-driver service comes to San Francisco 

Alexa Milkovich, the co-founder of BeMyDD, aka Be My Designated Driver, a service company dedicated to keeping drivers who have had one too many drinks off the road, recently expanded to The City. The company offers two services:  a personal driver where the client gets chauffeured around in his or her car, and  a pickup service where the client gets picked up after driving to a location.

What was the main motivation for starting this company? The demand has always been there. Just from our experiences of trying to go out and the increasing cost of cabs. It was also to start a company that would provide jobs and to decrease drinking and driving. It seems like such a problem nowadays. You hear about people getting DUIs left and right and getting in accidents.

Did you recognize a need for these services after the recent Memorial Day weekend?
Just from us hearing word of mouth, we had a handful of reservations. But I couldn’t give you an exact amount. But we definitely saw demand there.

What are the company’s long-term expansion goals? What we’re trying to do is go national by the end of the year. We obviously target those areas that seem to have a large population as well as a suburban population first.

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