Democrats to vote for higher debt limit next week 

House Republicans will allow Democrats an up or down vote on clean debt limit increase sometime next week. The bill will increase the legal limit the United States Treasury is allowed to borrow by more than $2.4 trillion, and, as requested by the White House and House Democrats, will not contain any attached spending cuts. Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., spokesman Brad Dayspring told reporters:

The Obama administration and more than 100 House Democrats have repeatedly demanded a clean increase of our debt limit, all but ignoring our debt crisis and the overwhelming public opposition to such an action. As such, next week the House will vote to show once and for all that the Democrats’ demands are way out of touch with the views of most Americans and the markets, who want Washington to stop spending money we don’t have, confront our debt head on, and finally begin to live within our means.

According to CNN, 60% of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling.

If President Obama does not agree to a spending cut deal with Republicans, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will either have to cut spending on his own, or choose to default on U.S. securities.

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