Democrats' new play for industry support of climate legislation 

Last year, the House got many industries, but not all, on board with the Waxman-Markey climate-change bill that also included plenty of energy subsidies. As the cap-and-trade push has run into some new obstacles (Scott Brown, climategate, the fact that people don't really care about climate change), Democrats have been forced to regroup. Still, they are finding ways to get industry on board.

CQ reports [subscription required]:

representatives of 14 industry groups — including such powerful opponents of the House bill as the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — met Tuesday with the three senators trying to engineer a bipartisan deal, and they expressed interest in the concept of tailoring emissions rules to fit the specific needs of different sectors of the economy.

“It was an extraordinarily productive meeting,” said John Shaw, vice president of the Portland Cement Association....

groups represented at the meeting included the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Edison Electric Institute, American Petroleum Institute, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, National Mining Association, American Farm Bureau, Association of American Railroads, American Forest and Paper Association, and Air Transport Association.

The general idea here is that each industry would get its own allocation of greenhouse gasses (rather than an economy-wide cap).

While we'll have to wait to see which industries make out best and support the Senate bill, you can already bet that this bill's opponents will nonethless be tarred as shills for industry.

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