Democrats gearing up to spend $200 billion more 

With TARP, the stimulus. the GM/UAW Bailout and Obamacare, you’d think Democrats would be exhausted from their efforts to spend money. But no, their zeal for spending is apparently inexhaustible:

Democratic leaders are looking in the next three weeks to send President Barack Obama a slew of measures that cost more than $200 billion, including a multiyear extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of expiring tax provisions and Medicare doctor payments totaling $180 billion and a $33 billion Afghanistan war supplemental bill.


Because most of those costs won’t be paid for, Republicans plan to use those bills and the Democrats’ budget blueprint to highlight massive deficits ahead of the congressional midterm election. Republicans have recently been pointing to Greece’s dismal fiscal situation as a warning, claiming that the U.S. will be headed for a similar fate unless the deficits are curtailed.

Given that federal spending is shaping up to be a real issue in November elections, are Democrats just throwing in the towel? Is this just a matter of grabbing what they can while they are still in control?

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