Democrats exiting the sinking ship? Part 15 (addendum) 

In my blogpost on Congressman Vic Snyder’s decision to retire, I failed to mention this SurveyUSA poll, conducted January 11-13, which shows Republican Tim Griffin beating Snyder 56%-39%. Compare this with the November polls I cited showing Snyder leading Republicans by 1% to 3%: Snyder’s down about 9 points and the Republican up by about 12 points.

Two comments:

One: It looks like this was a one-step-ahead-of-the-sheriff situation. The sheriff being the specter of defeat, not any scandal problem.

Two: If this kind of trend is sweeping the nation, or just sweeping what I have called the Jacksonian belt, a lot of Democratic congressmen previously considered untouchable are in deep, deep trouble. Tsunami-like trouble.

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