Democrats emphasizing politics over policy 

That’s the theme of my Examiner column this morning, which ends by questioning whether the Obama Democrats’ apparent tactics of prioritizing the immigration issue and putting aside the cap-and-trade bill would help them increasing Democrats’ appeal to Hispanic and young voters or increasing their antipathy to Republicans. Substantiation comes from one of my favorite thinkers, William Galston, in his New Republic blog. Here’s Galston: “My skepticism about the Democrats’ emerging strategy has nothing to do with the substance of these issues. . . . . I disagree, rather, with the political calculation that seems to be driving this strategy. Here’s why: 90 percent of the electorate is not Hispanic, and 85 percent is not young. Relatively modest shifts in voter sentiment outside these two groups could easily swamp increased turnout within them and turn all-but-certain Democratic losses into a rout of historic proportions.” As usual, Galston’s analysis is bracing and perceptive—and I say this as one who often disagrees with him on policy.

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