Dem Whip Clyburn: House doesn't have to vote on health care because the Senate already passed it with 60 votes 

If this interview by House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C. is any indication, then Democrats really do believe they can evade responsibility for passing a very unpopular health care overhaul simply by "deeming" the bill passed instead of taking a vote.

Asked on FOX News whether the Democrats' strategy of "deeming" the Senate health care bill passed isn't just a way of avoiding a politically damaging up-or-down vote, Clyburn offered this reply:

What we will be deeming is that those 60 votes that the people got we will say on the house side we deem that as having been passed. We got 220 votes for our bill in the house. The only thing we're voting on now are the things we call the fixes, the reconciliation. So if that's the part that we'll be voting on, what we'll be deeming already got 60 votes.

In other words, the excuse for the House not "really" passing the Senate bill is that the Senate already passed it with 60 votes.

I definitely don't remember this one from Schoolhouse Rock.

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