Deduct disability from retired federal benefits 

My father was retired military with 17 years in active war zones and highly decorated. He received his military retirement pay. Later it was determined that he was 65 percent disabled due to stuff that happened in the military. They deducted his disability from his military retirement.

But today federal employees receive a full retirement and a full disability — because it was approved by the federal government for federal employees. It seems to me that war veterans are more entitled to maximum benefits than someone who worked at the Post Office.

Make it fair; deduct the disability of the federal employees from their retirement and save billions of dollars.

Terrence Healy, Santa Clara

High taxes chase business

A medical supply company called VWR International wants to move from Brisbane to Visalia in the Central Valley, so it can pay lower sales taxes and collect a big tax break for hiring new nonunion workers. This makes all the progressives on the Peninsula start foaming at the mouth.

I suspect they see their revenues going elsewhere. The council members that usually do their best to hide these deals are now calling for all kinds of meetings to study the impacts on federal, local, state and city governments.

John Parry, San Mateo

Try Texas-style approach

A recent letter defending The City’s Preservation Commission included the sentence, “Those who want the freedom to do as they wish with their property should maybe try Dallas.” That is a clear reflection of one of the main reasons many of our local companies have been moving to Texas. We need to make things comfortable here for business and the community. After all, each needs the other for their existence.

William J. Coburn, San Francisco

Both parties are at fault

Which party is moving us away from the U.S. Constitution and toward class warfare? The answer is — both parties.
California’s powerful governing majority is organized around the false notion that “quotas mean democracy.”

Neither party has the political will to address with honesty the critical issue at the heart of the civil rights debate in America: Shall we promote equal rights for all or group entitlements based on race and ethnicity?

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

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