D.C.'s Medicaid millionaire is a political moneyman 

The only story today you must read is Alan Suderman's investigative expose on Jeffrey Thompson, the man who may be D.C.'s biggest political donor. The story, in the City Paper is excellent for laying out the ways in which corporate entities make a joke out of the district's $1,000 donation limit. But this part caught my eye:

That money puts Thompson in a rarified world of the District’s top political donors, with a good chance of being the top individual money man. (Thompson didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment from LL.) Over the time Thompson has been pumping cash into politicians’ campaigns, he’s enjoyed a type of most-favored contractor status with the District. His various companies have lengthy and large city contracts, including a more than $320 million-a-year deal for his Medicaid-managed care provider, DC Chartered Health Plan Inc.

This is the sort of thing that comes with the territory of Big Government.

Now, you might say there's nothing wrong with a government contractor supporting the candidates he thinks are best for the city.

Or, even if you grant there's something fishy or even corrupt going on here, you might say, "well, poor people need medical care, and if one cost is a crony getting rich, it's still worth it."

But this sort of story is not rare, even if the sort of investigative work Suderman did on it is rare. So the proponents of Big Government shouldn't get away with claiming -- as our President constantly claims -- that they are fighting against the special interests by increasing government's role in the economy.

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