Data Romance the latest dynamic duo 

Oh, White Stripes! What hast thou wrought?

Everywhere you look these days, there’s yet another guy/girl musical duo popping up, to the point where three is fast becoming an unacceptable crowd.

The good news, oddly enough, is that the stripped-down framework is allowing for some real pop-alternative experimentation, a la, say, the endlessly inventive Ting Tings. Or the latest tag-team entrants, Canada’s Data Romance, whose eponymous debut EP will be released on SQE on June 7. And on tracks like “The Deep,” “Bullets” and “Street Light,” they actually manage to sound like a full orchestra.

Two years ago in their native Victoria, powerhouse vocalist Amy Kirkpatrick was paying the bills working lights for various nightclubs, while percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Ajay Bhattacharyya was resolutely studying film sound design, under such masters as the Coen Brothers’ Craig Berkey.

They met by happenstance at an aptly-dubbed pub, The Lucky Bar, when a mutual friend invited him to drum behind her. Naturally, an electronic/vocal duo quickly materialized, leading to the new EP and its clever use of Moogs and countless other retro-classic synthesizers.

Get ready — two will be more than enough to rattle your speakers with panoramic soundscapes at

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