Daniels endorsed a form of an individual mandate in 2003, according to local newspaper report 

During his 2003 run for governor, an Indiana newspaper reported that Mitch Daniels supported a form of an individual health insurance mandate.

An item in the South Bend Tribune from October, 23, 2003, on a campaign stop Daniels made to a health clinic, reported:

The candidate said he favors a universal health care system that would move away from employee-based health policies and make it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance.

Daniels envisioned one scenario in which residents could certify their coverage when paying income taxes and receive a tax exemption that would cover the cost.

"We really have to have universal coverage," Daniels said.

Under his plan, Daniels said, the nation could get away from the inefficient and unfair way in which health care is provided to those who are uninsured, many of whom end up in emergency rooms or "at clinics like this one."

This was first noted by Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, and then I located the Tribune article to confirm.

Earlier today, I defended Daniels from what I thought was an unfair attack. But this apparent past support for a form of a federal mandate  is legitimately alarming and warrants greater scrutiny.

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