Daly: Why not just make Pak mayor? 

Supervisor Chris Daly has been critical of the Board of Supervisors majority support for City Administrator Ed Lee.

On Friday, hours before the board is expected to vote on interim mayor, Daly said, “Why not cut out the middleman and just make Rose Pak the next mayor.” Pak, a political heavyweight in Chinatown and a close ally of former Mayor Willie Brown, has in at least two media reports taken credit for ensuring Lee secures the interim mayor appointment.

While there has been some talk about San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Director Ed Harrington being a more acceptable pick than City Administrator Ed Lee, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, the most outspoken supporter for Harrington, said Friday morning she remains in support of Lee. She said she would only change her support if Harrington somehow became the frontrunner.

“If there was a hard five [votes for Harrington] I could. If not, I’m going to stay where I am,” Maxwell said.

Daly had thrown his support behind Sheriff Michael Hennessey. As for Harrington? “[Harrington] wouldn’t be my first choice. But I do think that one upside of Ed Harrington over Ed Lee is a bit more independence from the old [former Mayor Willie] Brown operation,” Daly said.

On Friday at 3 p.m., the Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on an interim mayor. Lee remains the favorite. Any action taken by the board, however, is not binding. The board can only legally appoint an interim mayor if there is a vacancy in the Mayor’s Office, and right now there isn’t. Mayor Gavin Newsom postponed his Monday swearing-in date as lieutenant governor so he could finish up outstanding business and influence the outcome of the interim mayor pick. So far, it appears he’s getting what he wants.

Newsom also has yet to announce a district attorney appointment. He says he will be sworn into office by Jan. 10. A pick would need to come before then.


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