Daly defends use of ‘f-bomb,’ slams Newsom 

Mayor Gavin Newsom reportedly was not pleased with Daly’s New Year’s resolution to say "f**k" at every Board of Supervisors meeting in 2010.

But Daly has shot back at the mayor in an editorial posted on a local Web site.

Daly writes: “The establishment is adept at delivering the truly profane without using any profanity. Representing entrenched power is downtown’s political leader, Gavin Newsom. He has taken the lead on delivering the truly profane at City Hall. That’s probably why he was so offended that I would use the word “f**k” at the Board of Supervisors.

“Now, keep in mind, that is the same Gavin Newsom that f***ed his appointment’s secretary. She was his best friend’s wife at the time, so it’s fair to say the he f**ked his best friend too. That’s probably why it’s so difficult to believe the man’s righteous indignation.”

Daly’s New Year’s resolution to say the f-word at every Board of Supervisors meeting in 2010 was in reaction to a local media report criticizing him for cursing during a meeting in December.

And now Daly is defending his resolution and creating more meaning around its usage. “I vow to challenge the status quo, to fight for justice using every tool at my disposal, in each of my remaining Board of Supervisors meetings,” Daly writes. “I will ruffle feathers and step on toes. And I will certainly say things that some people don’t like.”

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