Daintree Networks' Danny Yu on wireless lighting to save energy 

The CEO of Daintree Networks, a wireless lighting control company, offers some insight into the importance of energy management when it comes to operating in office spaces and commercial buildings.

What do you plan to accomplish with Daintree Networks? Our goal is to make commercial wireless lighting control mass market, meaning making it pervasive through an entire building space. Effectively, you have $100 billion being spent every year to light commercial buildings, and that’s just the electricity costs.

Where is the rest of the industry in terms of wireless lighting control?
Only 1 percent of commercial buildings have network lighting control systems. These are the advanced systems that Daintree offers. The reason behind this is the cost and complexity from traditional hard-wire solutions and lack of industry standards.

What’s the next step for Daintree Networks? We are actively deploying our products in a myriad of applications that range from bank office branches to industrial facilities across the country.

How has wireless lighting control been accepted by office managers and such?
We get quite a bit of interest from both the operations side and sustainability managers. I’d say this is a phenomenon that’s really important.

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