Cyclists also at fault in Muni-related accidents 

Growing up in The City and learning how to ride a bike, one learned at an early age to avoid buses.

The other day, a cyclist tangled with a bus and was severely injured in a seeming hit-and-run. This tragic accident was viewed by Leah Shahum of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition as an opportunity to demonize Muni’s operator training.

A woman might lose her arm, yet the ever-present spirit of cyclist impunity reared its self-righteous head once again. Litigation based on indignation will follow and the lesson once learned will be forgotten.

There’s something not quite right here, I think.

Gordon Robertson
San Francisco

Bad publicity for SF

San Francisco progressives are simpatico with the European socialists on matters of gun control and the need to get everyone and their sisters involved when there are allegations of police misconduct.

But what are the Europeans to think when their tourists keep returning home from San Francisco visits mugged, wounded or worse?

Paul Burton
San Francisco

Front-page story

The two American hikers, both UC Berkeley grads, were finally freed after being held hostage by Iran for more than two years.

This was a great and moving story. Obviously it belonged on Page 1. But in your newspaper it was placed on Page 17. And even there it ended up below the fold.

Joe Shea
San Francisco

Catch for lowest bidders

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has concluded the Obama administration has created 70 new regulatory agencies that will impose costs of $100 million or more annually.

In California, the hidden quota regulations of the Dodd-Frank Bill are now in place. Public contracts will be awarded to the lowest bidder. But the catch is that the lowest bidder must subcontract 15 percent of the workforce to minority-owned businesses or the bid is rejected.  

This is not only breaking the law, but ignoring the lowest bidder will make our financial situation worse.

Philip Melnick
San Francisco

Bad impact on fishing

The San Francisco Examiner editorial Friday calling for Congress to probe the California state water fight made absolutely no mention of the declining fishing resources and decline of the overall health of the Bay Delta.

Can’t you be bothered to at least mention some of the concerns of the local population for the survival of the Bay Delta?

John Dillon
San Bruno

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