Curry fined for flopping, Kerr criticizes NBA 

OAKLAND — Husband, father, MVP ... flopper.

Stephen Curry, the NBA's golden attraction, was fined $5,000 for violating the league's anti-flopping rules in the final minutes of Game 1. On a day when Warriors center Andrew Bogut received a hefty $1.9-million bonus for being named to the NBA's All-Defensive second team, Curry had his bank account depleted in what coach Steve Kerr criticized as "random" and nit-picky punishment.

Kerr didn't dispute that Curry flopped intentionally, a rare admission that NBA players do go Hollywood in attempts to draw fouls. "I think he did flop. I think he does flop, but I think everybody else does, too. I'm not sure why they singled him out," Kerr said.

"Are we just choosing one time to do this? You could pick out flops every single game from half of the guys out on the court. It just seems sort of random."

Curry said Houston's Terrence Jones hit him in the arm as he made a three-pointer. It was a pivotal play in the 110-106 victory, with Curry's triple pushing the Warriors' lead to 106-97 with 3:07 left. As the shot left his hand, the 6-foot-3 point guard's body contorted as he fell to the floor, which was enough to draw a rebuke from the league.

Despite the dramatic actions of NBA floppers such as Jamal Crawford and Russell Westbrook, both mentioned by Kerr as players never whistled for their crimes, Curry joins the singled-out club. Maybe the NBA didn't like the way Curry's 2-year-old daughter took over his post-game press conference.

"Yeah, I don't agree with it," Curry said at practice. "I watched the play over and, transition play, so obviously balance is not very good in that situation.

"When I shoot it, I see someone hit me on my arm, and when you're up in the air it's obviously a reaction to that. That play happens countless times. I wasn't even looking for the foul; I was just reacting to the contact."

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