Crist doesn't know who his own education policy chief is? (Update: Crist vetoes teacher tenure bill) 

There's a huge rumble going on in Florida over a teacher tenure and merit pay bill (SB6) that passed both houses of the state legislature with Crist's support, only to face his possible veto now. The teachers' unions hate this bill, and Crist, under pressure, has suddenly gone all wobbly about whether he will sign it.

In the background is the GOP Senate primary in which Crist is currently engaged, which pits him against conservative Marco Rubio. (Rubio has refused to take a position on this particular bill so far, although he has supported bills with the same fundamental idea in the past.)

The latest development: Terry Golden is Crist's education policy chief, is listed on the governor's website as such. He testified in favor of the bill on behalf of the governor's office. And Crist, in this interview, says he doesn't even know who the guy is. What does that say about how committed Crist is to education policy?

Update: Crist finally announced that he is vetoing the bill.

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