Crime novelist Sheldon Siegel to address The City's real-life justice system 

The Bay Area attorney and best-selling author of crime novels will speak on the authors’ panel of the “2011 Public Defender’s Justice Summit: Justice by the Book” on Wednesday at the San Francisco Main Library. The summit is free, but registration is required at

What is the focus of the 2011 summit? We will discuss the current state of the justice system and what we can do about it to make it work a little better. It’s co-hosted by Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who will be joined by the new District Attorney George Gascón and Police Chief Greg Suhr.

What topic will you speak about? Adachi will have a conversation with a number of authors about how the criminal justice system is portrayed in contemporary culture.

What major changes are happening with law enforcement in San Francisco? It’s an exciting time because we have a new district attorney and police chief. There are lots of possibilities and opportunities with new people.

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