Creep’s anti-smoking message ends with a smack 

A woman was smacked for smoking and a fugitive arrested for not wearing his seat belt in San Francisco crimes this week.

4900 block of Mission Street
9:55 a.m. Sunday

Thank you for smoking. Not! A woman was assaulted after being lectured not to smoke, cops said. A man approached the victim on the street with his healthful message but his advice was unwanted. The lecture turned into an argument that ended with the anti-smoking brute smacking the woman in the face. The suspect ran away but was later arrested.

Third Street and Jerrold Avenue
3 p.m. Monday

Better buckle up. A vehicle pulled over for a routine seat belt violation was found to harbor a fugitive. The passenger had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody.

25th and Connecticut streets
3:30 p.m. Tuesday

A Daly City police chase ended with a bust by San Francisco cops. A couple undercovers heard about the chase over the radio and spotted the car in San Francisco 15 minutes later, police said. The woman driving the car was arrested. A search of her vehicle revealed a scale and a bottle of heroin, cops said.

Hawes and Fitzgerald
10:10 p.m. Tuesday

Two 17-year-old boys narrowly escaped a beating and robbery, cops said. The two victims were harassed by six men blocking the entrance of a housing development. The hooligans threatened the victims, tried to punch them and take their property but they were able to run away. The thugs threw rocks at them as they ran. The incident is under investigation.

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