Court injunction against Arizona SB1070 immigration law is no defeat 

A federal judge has put in place an injunction keeping the most controversial aspects of Arizona’s now-infamous SB1070 on hold while she considers the legal challenges to it filed by the Obama administration and a cadre of other leftist and even international organizations.

Opponents of the bill are already crowing today, but this is no victory. Rather, it’s a ruling that makes sense.

I’m a supporter of SB1070, but I’m also a conservative. Allowing the law to go into effect even as it faces challenges in court would set up a situation whereby the taxpayers would be on the hook for courts going back and reviewing what could be thousands of arrests and convictions involving the law. Whether you support the law or not, keeping it from going into effect while the legal challenges surrounding it are settled is a sensible move.

Meanwhile, there is some good news for supporters of the bill today.  

From the perception one gets from the media, you would think that Arizona’s economy was being hammered by the boycott demanded by various pro-illegal immigration interest groups. But the data tells a different story.

Hotel/motel room occupancy rates in the Phoenix area rose 6.5% in May and 10.6% in June from last year’s rates. Revenue per available room rose 6.2% in May and 11% in June, similarly. So not only has nearly every single national public opinion poll taken on the matter show majority support for Arizona’s bill, people seem to be voting in favor of it with their feet and wallets too.

Even Elton John, of all people, has gotten into the act profanely casting the perpetrators of the boycott as hypocrites.

Of course, legal matters aren’t settled by popular opinion but rather by judges. But supporters of this law certainly should not see today’s ruling as a setback.

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