Counterfeit BART tickets for sale: don't buy them 

Don't print this BART ticket and try to use it.
  • Don't print this BART ticket and try to use it.

Have you recently had one of those moments when your BART ticket that let you in the station wouldn't let you out of the station? If so, think hard about where you bought that ticket.

If you got it from anywhere other than the BART vending machines (or your mom's wallet), then maybe you deserve to be stuck in Pittsburg for the night.

BART Police are warning all you trusting passengers to be a little less trusting when you enter BART stations where the sale of counterfeit BART tickets are finding a market.

BART isn't really blaming you if you did buy a ticket from some faceless dude in West Oakland; the tickets being produced by these scammers look exactly like the real thing, police say. Also, who doesn't want to believe the world is a good place, and that faceless dude offering you a better deal on BART is a kind person who cares about your financial situation?

"There's a couple of different ways people are defrauding the system, but I don't want to get into specifics with you so that you can teach people," Ben Fairow, deputy chief with BART operations, told us. "The key thing is that people shouldn't be buying BART tickets from anyone but vending machine."

BART tickets are electronically coded, and counterfeits will not be accepted for refund (sorry chumps!). So if you see someone trying to sell BART tickets, do us all a favor and call BART police at (510) 464-7000.

And for God's sake, get a Clipper Card already. 

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