"Countdown to Zero" coproducer discusses nuclear threat 

Bruce Blair, the cofounder of Global Zero, coproduced "Countdown to Zero," a documentary currently screening at the Embarcadero Center Cinema and Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley.

What is Global Zero? It’s an international nonpartisan movement pressing world leaders for a binding international agreement to reduce in stages [the number of] all nuclear weapons to zero over the next two decades.

What is "Countdown to Zero" about? It’s about how the world has changed from the days of the Cold War ... to a world today in which the threat of nuclear disaster may stem from nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism.

Are there more or fewer nuclear weapons now? In 1986 there were 70,000 nuclear weapons and today there are 23,000. That’s a huge reduction that has come out of the U.S. and Soviet arsenals, but there are other countries that are increasing their nuclear weapons.
How did you become interested in nuclear weapons? I was a Minuteman Launch Control Officer in Strategic Air Command, which was the arm of the U.S. military responsible for nuclear weapons. This has been my area of expertise as a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and head of a think tank that I founded called the World Security Institute.

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