Could Lindsay Lohan dodge jail sentence? 

It turns out that after all her recent legal drama, Lindsay Lohan might just end up not serving any jail time.

The beleaguered starlet was formerly facing the prospect of years in the pokey on a felony charge she stole a necklace, but now that the charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor and she has agreed to a plea bargain, LiLo might be permitted to serve her 120-day probation violation at home, according to TMZ.

A source at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told the paparazzi site that at-home incarceration would be pretty standard for this type of nonviolent offense. Naturally, La Linds would have to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, but it’s not like she hasn’t rocked that particular accessory before.

However, there’s still a chance the “Mean Girls” star will be sporting an orange jumpsuit.

“It’s way too early to determine what our position will be on the issue,” a source connected to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office told Radar Online, adding that the office “could object to that. Lindsay is a repeat offender, period. Our office will be in communication with Lindsay’s attorney to discuss the case, and what their position on the matter is.”

We’re guessing it will be “pro.”

Oksana reaches out


The legal battle between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva is still dragging on, but now there’s a slightly lighter workload for the “Braveheart” star’s lawyers. In a surprise move, his ex opted to drop the domestic violence charges against him stemming from their now-infamous argument.

The Russian musician even terminated the restraining order against Mel, because, her camp told TMZ, she’s tired of communicating with him through intermediaries.

Why drop charges now? Oksana is said to be “extending an olive branch” in hopes of settling the custody battle over the former couple’s daughter, Lucia. But her gambit doesn’t appear to be working too well so far: Mel wants no direct contact with her and is all for the use of intermediaries to avoid interacting with Oksana, according to the website’s sources.

And the attorney fees continue to mount.

‘Rehab’ Rant


Don’t expect Steven Tyler to show up on “Celebrity Rehab” anytime soon. Though he has faced his share of battles with addiction, the Aerosmith frontman does not approve of the tactics of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s team. His new memoir, “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” recounts that his 2008 stay at a California treatment facility coincided with the reality TV show filming troubled Guns N’ Roses rocker Steven Adler.

“They wanted him to act out his own messed-up state when he entered rehab,” the oft-rehabbed “American Idol” judge said. “It was ghoulish and unreal. They gave him 30 grand for the episode, he snorted it all crashed his car, and he ended up in jail detox.”

“It didn’t seem to me all that ethical using actual f---ed-up people like Steven Adler in a reality show, but who am I to say?” said Steven, who is now clean. “Not to mention getting trashed celebrities to mime their own self-destructive nosedives, which they then sensationalize on a [melodramatic] reality show, which so traumatizes them they end up in worse shape than ever — from the drugs they bought with the money from the show.”

A rep for Dr. Drew wouldn’t comment to Reuters, suggesting questions go to Steven instead. Seems like he already made his position clear.

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