Costs for replacing BART GM Dorothy Dugger still adding up 

The total price tag of Dorothy Dugger’s forced resignation from BART continues to increase, with costs related to the ouster now likely to top $1 million.

In February, the agency’s board of directors voted 5-4 to ask the general manager to resign, a move that was later rescinded due to violations of California’s open-meeting laws.

After spending two months working with BART directors to craft an exit on her own terms, Dugger stepped down Friday, walking away with a $958,000 severance package that included $350,000 simply to ensure that the she didn’t seek litigation against the agency. Negotiations with Dugger also cost BART $11,566 in legal fees.

Already nearly $1 million in the hole, BART will shell out even more money to find a full-time replacement for Dugger. On Thursday, the agency will discuss hiring an executive search firm to find a replacement, but the costs won’t be cheap.

BART is projecting to spend $110,000 on hiring the search firm and another $18,000 for relocation costs for their next general manager.

With the contract for the search firm, relocation costs and Dugger’s severance package, BART could pay about $1.1 million just to force out its general manager. That total doesn’t include the compensation for interim General Manager Sherwood Wakeman, who took over the agency Saturday and is earning $160 an hour for his work.

As part of her agreement with BART, Dugger walked away from the agency with a single check for $944,000. The remaining $14,000 of her severance package went to her legal team.

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