Cornyn: We will campaign on repealing ObamaCare, if it passes 

Republicans will run on a platform of repealing President Obama's health care reform bill, the Republicans' Senate campaign chairman said today. NRSC Chairman John Cornyn, R-Tex., said that he prefers both to run against President Obama's health reform bill and to stop it in Congress, but that in the event that it passes Republicans will guarantee it remains the main issue of the 2010 election by promising to repeal it.

"If the bill passes, I think that's surely one of the things they should and will run on," Cornyn said, although he added, "I'd prefer to run against the bill and stop it." Cornyn said that if the bill passes, Democrats will be hard-pressed to change the subject ahead of the November ballot. Recent polls suggest that the bill is unpopular, and a Republican candidate won a Senate seat in Massachusetts two months ago in part by promising to vote against it if elected.

Moreover, the bill's provisions are mostly delayed until 2014 -- except for its tax hikes and cuts to the Medicare Advantage program for senior citizens, which begin almost immediately.

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