Consider annexing Daly City, South City 

San Francisco politics has forced us to vote again for an array of unpopular choices. But the alternative would lead to eventual financial calamity.

Politicians sold us out when they agreed to give exorbitant pensions to anyone breathing. Most of those politicians are long gone, but their financial irresponsibility lives on. Even if we pass the Adachi pension reform, which is a good start, the net effect only postpones the inevitable.

Any new tax schemes would be minuscule compared to the huge pension obligations. What needs consideration is expanding our tax base with the annexation of Daly City and South San Francisco. Make it one big San Francisco. The current 820,000 San Francisco residents can’t make up for all the mistakes of the last 20 years. Adding the two cities while consolidating the overlapping services and infrastructure just makes more sense.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

Dream Act hurts students

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature’s Democratic Party cartel are making it painfully clear that U.S. citizens residing in California must sit in the back of the bus, while being forced to pay the fare for illegal immigrants riding on the taxpayers’ dime.

Indeed, it’s bad enough that we must foot the bill for the illegals’ housing, welfare, health care and education. But when hopeful citizen college students are pushed down the line in favor of the Dream Act recently passed by the cartel and signed by the governor, our constitutional protections and citizen sovereignty are seriously

And nothing among the rash of bill signings could be more politically glaring about the abuse of government power than AB622, which limits and intimidates California grand jury investigations with the forced presence of attorneys representing witnesses during questioning.

Daniel B. Jeffs, Apple Valley

Occupy Congress?

I’m hoping that the Occupy Wall Street movement puts up some candidates to occupy congressional seats. I think almost all the politicians in Congress are vulnerable and could be easily replaced. America is in trouble and Congress is making it worse. We need to replace them with new people who are focused on getting America back on track rather than engaging in petty bickering.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

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