Conservatives wince at budget deal, but look forward to 2012 debate 

Mark Tapscott caught some of the initial conservative reactions to the last-minute budget deal that was approved Friday night. There is an unmistakable tone of resignation in many of their comments. A few of the other conservative statements have the same hallmarks -- a desire to move on and get to the big money, the trillion-dollar discussion about the ten-year budget blueprint that Congress will work on in the coming month.

For example, consider this from Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., who had very little to say about the deal itself:

“With an agreement to keep the government open and then fully fund government for the remainder of the fiscal year, we will now hopefully be able to move beyond this current debate.  We need to move forward and get to work on the much larger debate over how to cut trillions, not billions, in government spending and help make our economy more competitive.  The 2012 budget unveiled earlier this week by House Republicans is the bold vision that will serve as a foundation on which to have a desperately needed responsible conversation about the future of our country.

Whether Speaker Boehner got a good or a bad deal, there's a clear sense here that this now-ended debate over billions of dollars matters much less than the one we're about to have, over trillions.

On the one hand, there is an argument that if we can't even handle small cuts, it bodes poorly for the future debate over large ones. On the other hand is the point made today in the Washington Post by Kathleen Parker: Republicans come out of this with a political advantage and an air of responsible governance and adulthood that could help them in the coming debate.

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