Commissioner: Gascon is talking out of turn 

Someone’s not happy with the way police Chief George Gascon tosses out proposals to the public without the approval of the Police Commission.

Commission member Petra DeJesus railed Wednesday at the Police Commission meeting against the chief for floating ideas to the press such as the reform of the disciplinary process, a sit-lie law and shaming those who are caught paying for prostitution.

DeJesus said she will have the City Attorney draft a resolution that require the chief to “vet specific issues in front of this commission or to obtain the consent of this police commission prior to presenting legislation or policy initiatives” to city officials or the public.

So whatever happened to that proposed ballot measure to reform the police disciplinary process? It’s been drafted and has been sitting on the desk of Supervisor David Campos since January, Gascon said in a tense exchange.

Campos, by the way, served with DeJesus, a Board of Supervisors appointment, when he was on the Police Commission.

With regards to muzzling the chief, Police Commission President Joe Marshall didn’t seem all to eager.

“The reason we are where we are today is that you’ve been aggressive in making that happen,” Marshall said to Gascon during the meeting Wednesday.

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