Commision’s registry won’t halt club chaos 

Sunday’s cover story (“S.F. keeps eye on dark side of nightlife,” May 13) mistakenly praised the Entertainment Commission’s new online registry for promoters.

The registration system is worthless because third-party promoters can be “registered” with completely false information entered by the promoter. There are zero verifications by the Entertainment Commission of the information entered.

While The City asks for proof of identity for many things, there is no such check to ensure promoters are being truthful. This system is a waste, but probably sounded nice on a press release to make North Beach and South of Market neighbors feel better. Please challenge the press releases and give us the truth.

Jamie Whitaker
San Francisco

Lawless Occupy must stop

After watching news reports about Occupy The Farm, the resurgence of Occupy San Francisco and other local Occupy movements, I can’t help but be left with the impression that they are all acting like spoiled children. They feel they can simply trespass and take over whatever they please under the guise of “social inequality.” Last time I checked, trespassing on land or property still owned by somebody else is still trespassing.

They are not entitled to take it over because it’s there, nor should they escape punishment scot-free. If anybody else did what they did, they would face the same legal consequences.

They need to grow up and stop acting in a counterproductive manner.

Maybe they should go back to school so they can Occupy their minds with something more meaningful and productive!

Edmund Lee
San Francisco

GG Park bike lines unsafe

Newly repositioned bike lanes in Golden Gate Park have been shifted, with wholly unexpected potential hazards to pedestrians and passengers alike. New bike lane stripes now lie near the grassy gutters on each side of Main Drive near McLaren Lodge. This places auto parking much closer to the Main Drive center line.

Consequently, it crowds moving traffic closer to opposing single lanes. Passengers of parked cars in this new scheme must now open their doors into the bike lanes before they reach the safety and pleasure of grass. Likewise, bike riders have nowhere to dodge to avoid a collision when they navigate between auto doors and gutters.

Al Ujcic
San Francisco

Heavy government burden

When does a family of four become a family of six? When the typical American family of four has to make enough money not just to support themselves, but also two government employees at the federal, state, and local level.

Government spending, the majority of it going to above-average salaries and benefits for government workers and retired government workers, now sucks up over a third of the U.S. gross domestic product.

That drag on American families is an unfair burden on those of us who don’t have gold-plated public employee healthcare plans and pensions.

Cary Fulbright
San Francisco

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