Comcast baseball insider says verdict changes nothing about Bonds 

Mychael Urban, the Comcast SportsNet Bay Area baseball insider and former San Francisco Examiner columnist, has been a member of the Bay Area media since 1991 and has been following Barry Bonds throughout his career and retirement.

How do you think this conviction will affect Bonds’ legacy? To be honest with you, no matter how it shook out, it seemed inconsequential in the big picture regarding Barry Bonds’ legacy.

Why do you think that? Bonds is a polarizing figure and always has been. You’re either completely with him and chose to have your head buried in the sand about the steroid use. Or you’ve taken the traditionalist position, that he cheated the game, that what he did was unfair, that he’s an a--hole.

Do you think it will affect his chances for entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame? The Hall of Fame voters know it’s going to be appearing on the ballot very soon. The voters had already decided how they were going to vote on Barry, and today didn’t change that for anybody.

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