Club for Growth report raises "serious concerns" about Romney 

A new report by the economic conservative group Club for Growth has some positive things to say about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but also raises alarms about his embrace of  big government solutions, most notably in the case of the health care law he signed as governor of Massachusetts.

“While we have no doubt that Governor Romney would move the country in a pro-growth direction overall, we have serious concerns over his governing philosophy,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement. “After a career in business, quickly finding a ‘solution’ to every problem is his goal, even if it means more government intrusion as a means to an end. To this day, Governor Romney supports big government solutions to health care and opposes pro-growth tax code reform – positions that are simply opposite to those supported by true economic conservatives. How much Governor Romney’s philosophy of governance will affect his policy goals if elected, we leave for the voters to decide.”

Despite his claims to have balanced the budget in Massachusetts without raising taxes, the Club for Growth notes that he raised various fees by hundreds of millions of dollars. Though he did support some tax cuts as governor, he also didn't endorse the 2003 Bush tax cuts, backed a gas tax and actively campaigned against a flat tax in 1996.

The report gives Romney a "more positive than negative" grade on spending, but thumbs down on entitlement reform given the disastrous health care law he signed as governor and has refused to admit is a failure. On political free speech, the report details Romney's "radical evolution," from somebody who supported campaign finance restrictions much broader than McCain-Feingold, to then oppose McCain-Feingold during his last presidential campaign.

Read the whole report here

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