Clooney’s $1 Million Challenge 

Fingers pointed at George Clooney when a clip surfaced online of director David O. Russell — with whom the Cloon notoriously locked horns while filming "Three Kings" — going ballistic on the "I Heart Huckabees" set. But the actor insists he wasn’t involved in leaking the footage — reportedly, he’s even offered $1 million to "anyone who would prove otherwise."

Fergie reveals her lesbian experiences

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Fergie, the sexy Black Eyed Peas diva, may have done a wee bit of field research prior to her role as a lesbian in "Grindhouse."

Fergie has revealed a secret about her sexuality — she’s been known to swing both ways. The bodacious Black Eyed Peas babe, who was cast as a lesbian in Quentin Tarantino’s new slasher, "Grindhouse," confesses that during her teenage years, she rebelled against a strict Catholic upbringing by experimenting with drugs and sex.

"I have had lesbian experiences in the past," the artist born Stacy Ferguson reportedly admits. "But I started having sex quite late on — after I was 18. I was raised a good Catholic girl."

"I won’t say how many men I have slept with, although it’s not many," she adds, "but I am a very sexual person."

Gee, really? We couldn’t tell that from "My Humps."

Baby-Mama Drama?

Shortly after Angelina Jolie adopted her new son, 3-year-old Pax Thien, from Vietnam, reports surfaced warning that the boy’s druggie birth mother, who gave him up as a newborn, might resurface and attempt to take back the child. Now a British paper has reportedly found the biological mom, Pham Thu Dong, 29, who is indeed an admitted heroin addict — but insists she won’t make trouble for her son’s new family.

"I am very happy for him," Dung allegedly told the News of the World. "I hope he has a good life now. He is better off with the movie star because I am not a good mother. I wasn’t able to take care of my baby."

Poignantly, she goes on, "I am not his mother anymore because I abandoned him. I saw his face in the newspapers and I wanted to recognize him, but I couldn’t. He was a stranger to me. I wanted to forget all about him, but it hurts so much to see his face and hear about everything that is happening to him.

"My dream is that one day he’ll visit me and call me mother. But it’s only a dream. I know it’s impossible."

Alec’s Altruism

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When it comes to supporting our troops, Alec Baldwin puts his money where his mouth is.

Alec Baldwin may be opposed to the war in Iraq, but he definitely supports the troops — and has put his money where his mouth is by bankrolling one G.I.’s education.

The "30 Rock" star was so moved by a New York Times story about soldier and student Resha Kane heading off to Iraq that he personally looked her up, and contacted her family with an offer to help pay her college tuition.

Cynics who smell a P.R. stunt, take note: Alec said he’d make the donation anonymously, but Resha gladly made the good news public.

The Mohave Valley-based private, who plans to study biochemistry after her 3½-year term of military service, has said that Alec’s offer is "very generous. Actors have all this money, and it’s a good thing to see them do something other than for themselves and show some character and use their money wisely." Indeed.

Elisabeth: No ‘View’ Feud

Elisabeth Hasselbeck says there’s no truth to talk thather "View" sparring partner Rosie O’Donnell is her real-life arch-nemesis. Although their polar-opposite political views have made for some heated onscreen debate — and given rise to speculation that she wants to leave the show — Elisabeth insists that’s all business.

"Everyone’s always thinking Ro and I don’t get along, we’re ‘enemies,’" the conservative panelist tells People magazine. "Politically, we’re rivals. That is clear. However, we are personally friends. We are on e-mail all day long with each other."

So what about the rumor that liberal Rosie’s harsh rhetoric drove her to offscreen tears? Bogus, Elisabeth says.

"Under these blond highlights, I consider myself a pretty tough person," she declares. "So don’t cry for me, Argentina." Er, OK.

Five quick takes

-Rocker Courtney Love announced on her blog that she has lost 44 pounds.

- Elton John spent almost $2.5 million on a two-bedroom West Hollywood apartment.

- Sarah Michelle Gellar is rumored to have joined the cast of "Batman: The Dark Knight."

- Rocker Howie Day’s rep ID’d him to Page Six as Britney Spears’ tennis partner during rehab.

- Mandy Moore bought two vintage dresses at the Jill Stuart boutique in NYC on Wednesday.

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