Clinton spokesman prickly about about taking time from Haiti to campaign in Mass. 

Yesterday, Byron York noted Bill Clinton is faced with an important choice:

Clinton is the United Nations special envoy for Haiti and has taken a high-profile role in rescue and relief efforts following the disastrous earthquake there. But he is also the man who could possibly help save Coakley, and thus the Democratic national health care plan, from defeat on Tuesday. So the confluence of events presented the spotlight-loving Clinton with a difficult choice: save health care, or save the world? He chose to head to Massachusetts.

This morning I sent the press staff at the Clinton Foundation the following inquiry:

I was wondering what President Clinton's plans are with regard to both fulfilling his role as the UN Envoy and campaigning for Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race? It would seem that the needs of Hati are fairly urgent and ongoing, and campaigning for Coakley much less important. It could be perceived poorly if he's on TV campaigning when he's expected to be dealing with the crisis in Hati.

Thank you for your time.

Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna promptly responded with a link to Byron's piece on the President's conflict from yesterday, along with the following curt response:

We saw the Examiner piece on this already, it seems like you have everything you need.

Far from answering my question, it would seem that the former President's staff is rather sensitive to the suggestion that Clinton's time would be better spent dealing with the crisis in Hati than campaigning for Martha Coakley.

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