City should ditch parklets 

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"Gay men stop drinking Stoli, start drinking Kool-Aid," Oscar Raymundo, Aug. 29

Don't make light of Jonestown tragedy

At first, I was interested to understand what exactly this title insinuated. As a gay man, I am concerned by the homophobia supported by the Russian government. As a man who lost numerous family members in the Jonestown Massacre, I was hesitant to believe that someone would use such an offensive allusion in a careless and flippant manner.

Perhaps you are too young to remember the devastation that the Jonestown Massacre caused in San Francisco? I was 6, and it has haunted me and my family ever since. More than 900 people were either coerced or forced into ingesting cyanide. If they refused to take the poison, there were men with automatic rifles to ensure that everyone drank the "Kool-Aid," as you so incorrectly named it. Members were told it would be painless and that everyone should give it to the children before drinking it themselves. Can you imagine how one might feel after giving an innocent child poison and then watching that child die an extremely painful death?

Read up on your history a bit more before you evoke such horrors as the Jonestown Massacre incorrectly and throw it into the mix with a different atrocity toward gay people.

Vitali Rozynko, The Hague, Netherlands

"Thanks to well-paid millionaires, San Mateo County wages are on fire," Peninsula, Thursday

Report's math misleading

The report in your story was based on a gross misuse of statistics, resulting in total misinformation.

Let's say you have 10 people, nine of whom earn $10,000 and a 10th who earns $100,000. Your "average" is $19,000. But the "median" value (the midpoint value when sorted from lowest to highest) is only $10,000. Now let's say that your nine workers each lose 10 percent of their pay, going down to $9,000, while your top earner gets a 110 percent raise to $210,000. The group's total income goes up to $291,000, which is a 53 percent overall increase. This is analogous to your "107.3 percent increase" in the article. However, 90 percent of your population lost money, resulting in a new median income of only $9,000, which is a 10 percent drop. This is a far cry from a 53 percent increase.

Norm Federname, San Mateo

"Coordinator could be boon for bicycling in San Mateo County," Peninsula, Monday

Improve bicycle access

Excellent article on San Mateo County and the lack of bicycle access. Please keep these articles coming.

Daly City, for example, is a nightmare. I am not a radical bicycle rider. I just want to exercise because I hate gyms, and I don't want to be run over by cars. Thanks for representing us in this great article and keep them coming. There's a lot to be uncovered here in this Byzantine bureaucracy of coordinating cities and counties, as you referenced so well.

Larry Prager, Daly City

"S.F.'s parklets program learns from failure, moves ahead," The City, Sunday

City should ditch parklets

I don't get it; how come The San Francisco Examiner continues to support these rat-infested, homeless-hotel annoyances? Just how much are you getting paid?

Ex-Mayor Gavin Newsom promoted these to turn The City into a bicycle project. Green has nothing to do with it, since cars now drive around longer looking for the parking spaces these disasters destroyed. It is business as usual for city officials: learn as they go rather than counting the cost and impact beforehand.

Jan Naft, San Francisco

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