City on the lookout for more cabbies 

"Plan to double bus ads criticized," The City, Tuesday

Muni service not adequate

Kudos to John Avalos for taking on the prospect of even more distasteful bus and light-rail wraps. Advertising in San Francisco is already too pervasive.

But the Supervisor should also be fighting against the 25-cent surcharge to be applied to all cash fares starting next year. Not only will many struggle to find that extra quarter, it will also slow down trains and buses as riders fumble for change.

If we are serious about having people pay, we need both more affordable fares and better service. The more than ten million per year squandered on the transgressive fare gestapo might be better spent instead on lower fares and more frequent buses.

Harry S. Pariser

San Francisco

"City on the lookout for more cabbies," The City, Tuesday

Ride shares not to blame

Regardless of how you feel about the ride sharing companies or the private buses, there is no debate that they represent the failure of the MTA to provide adequate transportation for our residents and visitors.

The whole thing is now a big mess, and doesn't look to be improving. Mayor Ed Lee chose someone with no experience in this arena to run the show, and he has failed miserably. This shows a lack of leadership on the mayor's part.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

"Politics simmer in Prop. B clash," The City, Thursday

Prop. B funding question

In your article and your editorial on Proposition B, there was no mention (that I could find) of the reports prepared by seven city departments at the direction of Mayor Ed Lee which indicated that passage of Prop. B "could enable developers to bypass otherwise mandatory environmental review" and other safeguards, as well as limit funding for many city projects including $1.6 billion in needed repairs to the Port of San Francisco.

Mike Zonta

San Francisco

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