City officials should try proportional elections 

San Francisco’s ranked-choice voting is being decided in court, but everyone already knows the verdict: This simply is not a good system to select our representatives. Citywide elections had their downsides; district elections also have their downsides. Why not finally go with the system — proportional elections — that is known worldwide to work well and is fair to all voters?

San Francisco never touched proportional elections because the Democratic Party is scared to death to lose any power and loves to control San Francisco as a one-party town. It is time to move beyond the mediocre systems that have been delivering us too much mediocrity.

Equal representation now!

Fredrick Schermer, San Francisco

End payroll tax for all

Supervisor Jane Kim’s attempt to keep Twitter from leaving San Francisco by giving it a payroll tax holiday, as reported in the March 15 San Francisco Examiner, is admirable. But it is also short-sighted. Focusing on one company, Twitter, or one geographical area of The City, mid-Market Street, does little to solve San Francisco’s deep-rooted unemployment or budget problems.

Giving tax holidays to any business that wants to locate or expand in San Francisco — regardless of industry or neighborhood — will produce greater rewards for The City. Lowering or abolishing the payroll tax would create more new jobs and budget relief than a temporary tax holiday would.

Howard Epstein, San Francisco

Solving wage problems

The Sunday San Francisco Examiner’s “Wage warriors” article on violations of The City’s minimum-wage laws points out that many of the underpaid employees are illegal immigrants. It might be worth making a deal where both the employees’ illegal status and the employers’ underpaying are forgiven. Both parties could win.

John Brady, San Francisco

Dogs not only to blame

Dan Murphy, who organizes bird counts for the Audubon Society, was quoted in the March 14 San Francisco Examiner (“Tread lightly around dog lobby”) as saying he doesn’t go to Fort Funston because of the dogs.

He could be making the same complaint about the Presidio, no more “frolicking quail and jackrabbits.” But the real problem is not dogs. He could also blame feral cats, coyotes, raccoons, ravens, red-tail hawks and great horned owls.

Jim Cowan, San Francisco

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