City officials blast PG&E 

As The City is moving forward with trying to establish CleanPowerSF – a city energy program, also known as Community Choice Aggregation, meant to provide customers with energy from more renewable sources than PG & E at competitive rates – PG & E is fighting the effort in San Francisco and elsewhere.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission issued a statement Thursday that says the California Public Utilities Commission “failed to put a halt to the pervasive smear campaigns that PG&E has unleashed against new  CCAs in San Francisco and Marin County.”

“The CPUC took some positive steps in today’s decision,” said SFPUC General Manager Ed Harrington. “However, their measured steps certainly won’t stop the millions of dollars being spent by PG&E against CCA programs.”

Harrington’s statement was joined by those from Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

“PG&E’s chronic attacks are out of control.  They act as if they are above the law using ratepayer money for political purposes,” said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, Chair of Local Agency Formation Commission. “PG&E’s fear-mongering is simply a ruse to cover up their unchecked, predatory behavior  we welcome the CPUC’s intervention.”

City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s statement was: “The California Public Utilities Commission has managed to pay lip service to state law while frustrating the spirit of it. AB 117 was enacted into law to protect consumers from anti-competitive tactics by giant utilities.  Today’s decision may slow PG&E’s end-run around the legislature, but it unfortunately won’t stop it.”

Part of the CPUC ruling was that “CCA programs, not utilities, are responsible for deciding the method by which customers can opt out of CCA service and that utilities cannot confuse customers by offering competing opt-out methods,” according to the release.

PG&E has also placed on the June ballot a measure that would make it nearly impossible for cities and counties to adopt such programs by requiring a two-thirds vote.

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