Christine Lombard, HireLive gear up for San Francisco job fair 

As the director of marketing and event operations for HireLive — a national job recruiting company operating in sales, management and retail — Lombard talks about the Sept. 21 San Francisco job fair. For info, visit

How do people react to these events in the Bay Area? They’re very popular, it just depends on the industry that they are seeking. We are specifying on a niche market. The candidates that do show up have great successes in job placement and networking. Even if they don’t walk away with a job, they often network and make contacts in their industry.

How does one register? It’s completely free to attend. The only cost sometimes is parking. ... Candidates do not need to preregister, but we suggest it because they will receive an email with a list of all participating companies the Friday prior to the event.

How long has HireLive been around? We’ve been established since January 2010, but most of our employees came from previous recruitment agencies. So we have the experience of 10 to 20 years back.

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