Chinese are discovering virtues of SUVs 

Uh oh, this isn't going to sit well with Big Green environmentalists in the U.S. who absolutely hate the trucks and Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUV) American buyers have loved for nearly two decades.

Automotive News China reports that Chinese automakers are gearing up to introduce a whole new generation of SUVs in order to meet spiralling demand in the world's most populous country. And no wonder, what with SUV sales soaring 40 percent in 2009 and doubling again last year.

ANC's Yang Jian characterizes the growing demand among Chinese buyers for SUVs as a "stampede," and reports that four of China's top domestic automakers are tooling up their first-ever SUV offerings.

"To get a glimpse of how strong that demand is, one only needs to look at the vehicles imported into China each year," Jian said.

"In 2010, China imported 650,000 vehicles of which 57 percent were SUVs, according to the China Automobile Trading Co.," he said.

 Jian quotes a JD Power China market expert who explains the growth in SUV demand as mainly attributable to the fact millions of buyers are going for a second vehicle and SUVs are "fun to drive."

Enviros hate SUVs because they typically display fuel economy ratings in the mid-teens, encourage people to drive off-road, and are often quite large, being intended to provide transportation to growing families and their cargo.



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